Privacy Policy

GHA Privacy policy

GHA is highly committed to your privacy

GHA belongs to ALPAM Group, another nonprofit corporation dedication to the advancement of the Haitian people. Therefore, ALPAM Group reserves the right to access or use any information displayed or collected on GHA.

What information do we collect?

GHA collects names, addresses, user names, phone numbers, website URLs, educational experiences, relationship, and other types of information you, the user, may have decided to display on GHA. When a user registers, purchases or uses a service, completes a contact form, signs up to a newsletter, the information is collected and accessed by GHA employees as part of monitoring what is happening on GHA.

How do we use personal information

GHA is committed to your privacy. Your user information will not be sold or transferred to a third party. Your personal information may be used to contact you regarding GHA website, marketing, and events communication. We may use your personal information to carry out polls and surveys, for internal research and development purposes, providing goods and services, legal obligations (e.g., prevention of fraud), and meeting internal audit requirements

All personal data are confidentially treated and are kept in our website database and administration panel. Personal data are not exported to any external or local machine. These personal data are secure and no user has access to GHA administration panel except for GHA employees responsible for the administration of this website. Where you use profiling or other automated decision-making, you must disclose this in your privacy policy. In such cases, you must provide details on existence of any automated decision-making, together with information about the logic involved, and the likely significance and consequences of the processing of the individual.

How to contact us?

You can contact us by clicking this link.