GHA mission

Mission of Global Haitian Assets, by Marcel Denis, JD, LLM, ESQ.

Haiti, a pearl that once fed Europe’s most powerful nation, is now a repository for international rejects; a breathing ground for NGOs with neoliberalism tendencies designed solely to further cripple the nation’s economy, which is yet to recover from a worldwide embargo imposed since the nation’s birth. However, many are quick to attribute Haiti’s inability to fend and care for her citizens to the inadequacies and corrupt behavior of the ruling class. Truth be told, while the ruling class is for the most part inept and corrupt, the real culprits behind Haiti’s failure to develop and sustain a vibrant economy are the conditions imposed upon the nation by international friends and donors. A great percentage of aid money donated to Haiti either remains or reverted to the donor nations because they compel Haiti to use their nationals as experts; knowing that such experts clothed with little or no knowledge of the island’s historical, cultural, political and social mores are sure to produce no results.
The remaining portion of the aid money is then channeled through NGOs, which suffer the same lacking as the experts. NGOs find a safe haven in Haiti as there exists no real mechanism to oversee and guide their work to ensure that the targeted population receives the intended benefits. Granted that the Ministère de la Planification et Coopération Externe obligates NGOs to submit yearly reports as a condition to maintain active their NGO status; however, there is no known mechanism in place to verify reports. Therefore, NGOs are left to police themselves and wreak havoc as they please. Among the deleterious effects of imposing the use of such foreign experts and NGOs is the remnants of the aid money that are simply insufficient to allow Haiti to seek and retain the services of her “diaspora” who have contributed and continue to contribute to the economic, political, scientific and social development of hosting nations.
As the adage goes, a tree is judged based on the fruits it yields. It is not a hidden secret that people of Haitian descents have always performed as admirably as other people in fields ranging from architecture, engineering, legal, medical, science, etc.… Knowing that such talents exist throughout the world, Global Haitians Assets (GHA hereinafter) seeks to find and unite them all under one umbrella with the sole purpose to assist Haiti in recovering from the many societal ills that continue to ravage the nation. Global Haitians Assets, a non-profit corporation, is intended to build a network of Haitian talents in all fields that can assist with mentorships as well as teaching the next generation or help to capture the interest of the younger population, both in Haiti and abroad, in fields that they believe are beyond their reach. On that note, we invite you all to become members of GHA by completing our registration form.We welcome you all. Let us remember always that “Anpil men, chay pa lou.” A better Haiti is possible with the help of us all.