Haitians need you for your Mentorship

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This article explains why mentorship is so important in our community. Whatever your profession, you need to share your wisdom on GHA. How many Haitians know you as an expert or for your kill sets?

Every type of expertise starts with guidance, the Haitian community needs you for your mentorship! Let us suppose you have accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge in a particular field.  GHA offers you a way to interact with Haitians who could highly benefit from your wisdom. With GHA, you will no longer be a local expert. You will become a global mentor to young Haitians everywhere.

Let us consider the following scenarios.

  • Teachers: Let’s say you are a teacher in Haiti or abroad. You go about your teaching duties every working day, but you are only known locally. Imagine the impact you would have if students across the globe could solicit your help. More importantly, suppose you had some superb ideas on how to make teaching more effective. When there is a good movement for a more creative school system in Haiti, how would anyone know you could be an effective resource while they do not even know you exist? Now suppose you are a member of the GHA community and are actively sharing your vision on education and connecting with potential mentees. If there is a serious movement for change with tremendous fundraising on GHA, you would be in a position to make an enormous impact. Don’t you think? In addition, what if you really have a strong passion for teaching and start putting yourself behind a video camera just to help a larger population of students? You could use our content delivery platform to broadcast your video courses for this community. Your learning videos could now be available as complementary materials for other teachers in Haiti or abroad. Again, a serious movement to develop new curricula, designed to empower our people to become better world competitors or tomorrow’s utmost inventors, would certainly appeal to your vision and expertise for your active participation in the development of these new curricula. Do you see how your participation or mentorship could make an enormous impact? It is certainly a win for you and for the community as well. Please take the step to share your knowledge regularly on GHA!
  • Scholars: About you, Haitian scholars?

Are you only making a local impact? Most Haitians who move to a new country may take a long time to figure out how to take advantage of the opportunities abroad, which were not available to them in Haiti. This is where you would come in. As a member of the GHA community, you are in a unique position to advise ambitious students on how the system works. Let’s consider the USA, for instance. Some of us come here because we want to go as far as possible in higher education. However, we grew up with an idea of academia that limits our ambition to only some high possibilities such as becoming a lawyer, a nurse, a medical doctor, an architect, or an engineer. These are great options, of course, but not the only great options! How many of us really understand how to navigate through the foreign system and take advantage of the opportunities other foreigners are able to take? How many of our people understand the steps necessary to become a medical doctor?

Beyond that, we are also oblivious to the fact that the engineer probably needed a number of physicists with scientific laboratories for training future physicists and engineers. Most of us do not understand how concepts become common knowledge to be taught in the classroom. The medical doctor or the nurse needed the intervention of chemists, biologists, and other scientists dedicated to continuous discoveries and inventions for the advancement of medicine.   Dedicated scientists are the ones that develop the scientific disciplines for the training of future health and other professionals. How many of us are aware of these options when we leave Haiti in search of other opportunities? Most of us do not know that to train to become a scientist requires no tuition beyond a bachelor’s or master’s degree. In fact, a graduate (PhD) trainee gets a stipend rather than paying tuition. How many of us know that a Master’s degree in the sciences, which requires tuition, is simply the beginning of an incomplete PhD training? Don’t you think our people need advices to best decide how to take advantage of the opportunities offered abroad? Let’s us start contributing to strong mentorship in the GHA community.    

Every type of expertise starts with guidance, the Haitian community needs you for your mentorship.

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